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Indulge in a luxurious experience for your senses.

Unwind, Relax, Release in a Unique Way

Milking Table Masseuse

About Adrianna Rose


 Well hello there you. Let me introduce myself—I'm Adriana Rose, some would call me their escape from the real world, their personal masseuse, or even a mythical creature. I stand at 5'2" with silky butterscotch skin, a voluptuous silhouette, and luscious thighs. 

 I've been indulging in the art of full-body sensual massages since 2016. I’m truly a lover of pleasing, I ensure my sessions reflect that sentiment. Through the tender caress of my enchanting hands, you'll melt into a state of pure serenity, where worries simply fade away. My experience will linger in your memory, leaving you longing for further indulgence.

 Curious what a milking table is?    My milking massage table was crafted with comfort in mind. While laying comfortably on your stomach, you enjoy a unique experience as your delicate parts are uncoiled. Whether you seek to decompress from reality or release pent-up tension, my milking table experience awaits.

 There's more to me than massages. I’m Adriana Rose—an adventurer at heart, always seeking to craft unforgettable moments. Originally from North New Jersey and now based in Denver, Colorado, I'm a mix of intelligence, adventure, flirtation, and high spirits. I'm often found sampling new cuisines, traveling, engrossed in crime novels, playing the sims, DIY art projects, gardening, or volunteering my time supporting the less fortunate.

 Life with me is a vibrant tapestry, where monotony takes a backseat to the thrill of exploration. Whether we're basking on a tropical island or  butterfly watching, each encounter is infused with excitement.

 My charm is like a playful breeze, teasing the senses and leaving a trail of warmth. I appreciate a partner who embodies traditional masculinity, engaging in conversations that spark wit and allure.

 In the mosaic of life, I am a kaleidoscope of passion and adventure. Get to know me, and you'll discover that every day with me is an unforgettable journey.

- Adrianna Rose

Just A Glimpse..

​Home Base: Denver, Colorado

 Age: Mid 20’s

Horoscope: Adventurous Gemini who adores to try all new things.

Height: 5’2

 Body Type: Curvy

 Eyes: Brown

Favorite Color: Turquoise and Peach

Favorite Flowers: Tulips and Roses

Shoe Size: Womens 10 EU 41

Dress Size: 10

 Tattoos: Small wrist tattoos and 2 other tattoos that are discreetly placed

Piercings: Ears

Languages: Fluent in English, Currently Learning Arabic and Spanish  

Favorite Dish: I love trying new cuisines from all cultures, but I always enjoy Italian food and a great steak house.  

Date ideas: A picnic with a great ambience,  dinner and comedy show, train ride through mountains, a jazz show, visiting a museum, cigar lounges, casino, botanical garden, feeding the giraffes at the zoo, candle making class, a day shopping, followed by a romantic spa trip with a couples massage where we both can be pampered, dinner in the sky over Las Vegas, Flying to Aruba for dinner on the beach, or anywhere else that requires a passport.​

Cocktails: Veuve Clicquot Brut, Porn Star Martini, Mango Margaritas, and Don Julio Tequila Reposado.  

Hobbies/Interest: I enjoy traveling, visiting aquariums, swimming,  art projects, writing stories, volunteering feeding the homeless, and trying new restaurants’ foods and drinks.

​Personality - Bubbly, seductive, outgoing, free spirited, ambitious young lady who enjoys going after all her goals and aspirations.

 Long-Term Goals - To own multiple independent-living facilities and a franchise of salon suites.

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