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Send Information to 


1 862-200-9061



I DO NOT answer phone calls, I communicate through text. No app or bandwidth numbers, please.


Once you’re verified, I can set up a call with you. 

I require all first-time gentlemen to be screened as this is for my safety and comfort. In respect to privacy, all information received will be strictly confidential and discarded once verified.  Any lewd or disrespectful inquires will not get a response. I do reserve the right to decline any appointment  as I deem necessary. 

Again, I ONLY communicate through texting. You can text me anytime of day. I do not answer ANY pm’s, dm’s, phone calls, etc.  When you contact me always be polite and quickly let me know how I can help you! Text app numbers aren't accepted for screening.


Example: I would love to see you today, how can we make this happen? If contacting me for the first time please also send your name, age, occupation, ethnicity and the time you would like to meet . If we have met or have already gone through the screening process, we can schedule an appointment right away! If I do not reply to you right away, please be patient. I can sometimes reply right away but other times it will be up to 12 hours before I can.

Established suitors can simply email or text to set up a date


Please select ONE of the following for verification:

A. Please provide your full name , number, email, and 

Social Media links.

ie; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram



Please contact me via your company email address with your full name, title, company name, business phone line and extension, & business website address in your signature. Please forward email to



Please provide your full name  and a photo of your state ID and your employment business card / ID badge as well as a selfie of you holding both documents.

Your full name, ID number, city of residence, date of birth, and photo needs to be visible.

You may blur everything else.

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