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When you arrive, make sure that your hygiene is pristine. Please remember that personal hygiene is extremely important, therefore, if you need to freshen up before our time together, refreshments are provided such as mouthwash/floss, unscented body-wash/antiperspirant well as fresh towels.

Gesture Of The Gentleman

Please treat me with the utmost respect and class, and I will gladly do the same, other wise time together will be limited.





Patronage should be made available at the beginning of our meeting. If we are meeting in public, it can be placed in an unsealed envelope, a gift bag, or a book. If we meet behind closed doors, it can be placed in my purse or someplace visible, like the coffee table or the bathroom counter. Please do not make me ask for it.

Patronage is listed and not up for negotiation. 

If you’d like to extend our meeting past the arranged time, just ask me! If I don’t have anywhere pressing to be, it is likely that I will be thrilled to keep a good connection going. Naturally, extended shoots must be compensated accordingly.


Overall Impression

I no longer allow reviews as I chose to keep my life private. 


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