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Sensual Touch

Appointment Based Only

90+ Minutes Sessions Are Prioritized 

Classic Body Rub 

60 Minutes - $200 | 90 minutes - $300

Basic Swedish style touch, with a sweet send off. Hot oils,my hands, and your body is all thats needed for this session. Let me take you straight to ecstasy.  This is a candlelight feast for the eyes, body, mind and soul.  



Milking Table Fantasy

 30 Minutes- $250| 60 Minutes - $300 | 90 Minutes - $350

​Perfect for those who just want to experience what it feels like to lay on a milking table. You'll start on your stomach with Swedish style touch. My milking table, hot oils, my hands and your body is all thats needed for this session. You’ll be turning over for a more traditional post-flip sweet send off. 

The True Milking Table Experience

 30 Minutes- $300| 60 Minutes - $400 | 90 Minutes - $500​ 

2 Hours - $600

​This option is great for the true lovers of life.  This massage plays into the true milking table experience where your comfort that you always seen online and in videos, but never got to try.  Let me take you straight to ecstasy. Your mind blowing send off will be on your stomach.

Milking Table Experience On The Edge

 30 Minutes- $350| 60 Minutes - $450 | 90 Minutes - $550

2 Hours - $650


Milking table experience with edging. For those unfamiliar with the term, “edging” refers to your pleasure being prolonged and built up. If you’re looking for an experience that’s not rushed and focuses on you lasting, this experience is for you. Edging, with repeated practice and patience, can help you last longer! I love to use different props for pleasure to enhance your experience, leading to a release unlike any you’ve ever experienced!

Milking and Body2Body

30 Minutes - $400 | 60 Minutes - $500| 90 minutes - $600

2 Hours - $700

Milking table experience with body to body action. Let's heat things up with an erotic massage where our bodies are joined as one. I can get all angles with my milking table.

Social Outing/Date Night

 $200 per hour with 2 hour minimum


Want to get to know each other better first or just want me to accompany you to a restaurant you've always wanted to try or catch a movie together? This is perfect for you.


Add Ons 

Prostate Massage + $100

Strip Tease + $150

Pegging  + $600

BDSM Fetishes start at + $400

Afterhours (10 am - 10 pm)  + $100 


I require a 30% deposit to reserve our time together.

Drive To You

*Outcalls start at an additional $100*

My driving travel fee starts at $100 per hour of travel time up to 3 hours away. A minimum booking of 90 mins + depending on where you are located. 

Fly Me To You


 Don't worry If you aren't local! We can still have a wonderful time together. Just book the minimum of  3 hours Heaven On Earth Experience and I would love to fly to you.

I require a 50% deposit of the investment plus flight, hotel, and transportation expenses. 

(Premium Economy or First Class round-trip mandatory) 


* Encounters longer than 12+ hours require beauty sleep.

**Encounters longer than 4 hours require outside time.


Let’s Fly Somewhere Together

Domestic Adventures

  • 24 hours| Adventure time        $2,500

  • 48 hours| Lets getaway           $3,500

  • Per Additional day|                   $1,500

**These types of encounters require personal time of at least 4 hours. I use the time to refresh myself and make sure I feel and look my best. The time is used also for maintenance such as exercise, presentation preparation, and a breather.

Photos & Videos

Cum join me on my onlyfans page with all my exclusive content that you won’t see anywhere else.  See you there!

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